Let's Invest

A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

Learn How to ACTUALLY Grow Wealth On Wall Street

Are you...
➡ Confused where to start?

➡ Terrified you’ll lose all your money?

➡ Stressed you’re late to the game?

➡ Embarrassed you might not have enough to invest?

➡ Intimidated by Wall Street bros & their Patagonias?

➡ Putting off building wealth for later because you’d rather spend it now? 

➡ Desperate to know the secrets of Wall Street?

I UNDERSTAND! We are never taught investing in school & Wall Street is intimidating & it’s terrifying to take ANY risk with your hard-earned money!

But here’s the thing: We have to invest if we want to grow wealth, beat inflation and unlock financial freedom.

You can do it. Let me teach you how!

My new course, Let’s Invest, is easy to follow & will FORCE you to take action. Yep- by the end of this masterclass, you will ACTUALLY be an investor. Add it to your Raya profile, hunny! Warren Buffett could NEVER!

How it works:

✓ We learn the WALL ST BASICS

✓ We strengthen your MONEY MINDSET


✓ We make INVESTING A HABIT so it’s effortless to grow wealth

✓ We calculate your RISK TOLERANCE

✓ We break down how to BUILD A PORTFOLIO  

✓ We thoroughly explain TAXES- so Uncle Sam can’t surprise you


And that’s not all… when you enroll in LET’S INVEST you also get access to The Ledger- a personalized investing workbook filled with quizzes, charts, and journal prompts that will help you personalize these teachings to your finances. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll diversify!

You don’t need to come from money for money to come from you!

What are you waiting for? Enroll today.


How does the course work?

“Let’s Invest” is a pre-recorded video course that you work through at your own pace. For MAXIMUM retention of knowledge, we have supplementary text beneath each video that emphasizes the key points. Oh, and as you progress through the course, you will fill out “The Ledger,” a personalized investing workbook!

Do I need a lot of money to start investing?

No, hunny! Investing isn’t about a lump sum but rather about the habit! You can start with as little as $5 a month- the most important thing is just to start! As your salary grows, your investment contributions will too, but don’t let not having a lot of money hold you back from creating a portfolio!

Do I need to learn Wall St. lingo?

I am bullish on this question & hope you get an ROI from this answer. But also… NO! I designed this course to be easy and entertaining and you don’t need to learn anything special to understand it! You just have to start :)

What type of investing will we cover in Let’s Invest?

Let’s Invest teaches you how to build a long-term portfolio. We don’t cover timing the market or buying the dip but WE do cover how to be a responsible investor who maximizes their long-term returns :) History shows that the longer you hold your investments, the lower your taxes, the more your money compounds & the less of an effect market volatility has on you! Viva la long term investing baby! Trust us- it’s the best way :)

I have student loans, should I still invest?

YES! Absolutely. If you have debt with an interest rate lower than 7%, it’s typically good practice to invest your extra cash since it’ll grow faster in the market! Watch this video for a full explanation.

Do I have to finish the course to get invested?

You don’t HAVE to do anything. As Lady Gaga once said “I’m a free bitch, baby” and that applies to you as well! BUT- we would PREFER & RECOMMEND that you wait to finish Let’s Invest before you get started. If you go through the entire thing, you’ll end up a savvy investor. If you skip parts, no guarantees! So follow the rules!! And if you have questions or concerns, feel free to hit us up!

Will I have lifetime access to Let’s Invest?

Yes. You can always log back in for a refresher when you need it. Plus, your financial goals may change as you move through life so you can always come back and finetune!

Is the course suitable for aspiring international investors?

Our current beginner's course is designed for US cuties and teaches standard investing principles that use the US stock market as the primary example. However, we're happy to create something more internationally focused in the future!