The Ultimate Money 101 Course.

Grow your knowledge and your net worth.

It’s me Haley aka Mrs. Dow Jones and you’ve been CATFISHED! Yep, all this time you thought managing your money was impossible but it turns out you just didn’t have the right teacher. Enter: Me! I’m about to reveal all the money secrets I personally use to get (and stay) rich. Starting from square one. 

Let me pop your financial cherry & open your eyes to just how fulfilling & exciting life can be when you are financially literate.


Is it useful if you’re not American?

Abso-freaking-lutely!! The bulk of the information in the course is applicable to anyone. 

What’s the format?

‘Start Here’ is a pre-recorded video course that you work through at your own pace. For maximum retention of knowledge- we have supplementary text beneath each video that emphasizes the key points and have broken up each lesson into 20 minutes or less- as it’s proven humans focus best in short intervals. 

Oh- and then you apply the knowledge to your own finances by filling out ‘The Money Book.’ a fully functional financial management system.

What’s “The Money Book?”

It’s a money workbook compatible with Google Sheets that makes organizing and managing your personal finances super seamless– no matter what level you’re at.

The magic formulas built into TMB can automatically create debt payoff plans, calculate emergency fund needs and more! Basically, it rocks. 

Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn’t add that it originated as Haley’s money management system! She credits it with her financial success. It’s that good and this is the first time it’s been made available to the public.

So basically– ‘The Money Book’ is your new favorite book… Twilight could never! 

How Do I Gift It? 

To gift this course (which is an excellent idea BTW) you purchase the course using our "Gift Certificate" checkout button and we will send you a 100% off coupon code for your gift recipient via email. Whenever you’re ready to gift them the course, simply send them the coupon code and they can login!!

Will I have to do everything alone?

Nope! Our community is filled with money-savvy hotties who are eager to share their financial wisdom & help you become your own trust fund. Got specific money questions? Want to share your favorite deals/ financial hacks? Have tea about Kourtney and Travis? Get your ass in our Facebook group, The Three Comma Club!! 

Will I have lifetime access to the course?

Is the Pope Catholic? Did Snoop Dogg invest in Reddit? In other words: Yes.

You will have access to ‘Start Here’ forever! And furthermore, ‘The Money Book’ was built to be used for the rest of your life so it’ll grow with you as you grow your net worth. 

Will other people be able to see me taking the course?

No! All your information is privileged! Only you & the FBI man in your webcam will know you’re taking this course. Unless…. You decide to partake in the comment section! The comments are lit. 10/10 recommend socializing with your classmates there (and asking questions.)

Does it actually work?

If you do your homework, yes.